About Us

We are making dillicious American-style dill pickles on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  We’re excited to be offering our pickles to you at markets, shops and a growing list of awesome restaurants. 
We're really proud of the products we make and the family business we're building. We’ve had a lot of help especially from our customers. We hope you'll keep sharing your thoughts with us, because we promise to listen.


Our Story

Dillicious is a family business and we think our story will make you smile. We met while we were both volunteering in the Kingdom of Tonga. A chance meeting between an Aussie and an American now has us settled on the Mornington Peninsula, raising our two children, Elliot and Heidi. Our relationship is a lot like our pickles – authentic American taste and proudly Aussie made.

We have built our business from the ground up, starting with a single batch to satisfy James’ love of American style dill pickles, his favourite food since he was 2 years old. However, it wasn’t long before we were making more for friends and family. In late 2018, we sold our first jar at our local Mt Eliza Farmers’ Market.

While our side hustle has now grown to one of Australia’s largest local pickle manufacturers, we’re still committed to creating high quality products that are locally made, and we’re incredibly proud of it.


Our Ingredients  

All natural and simple is the best way to describe the ingredients we use. Our pickles are made by hand in small batches, using premium Australian ingredients. We enjoy getting to know our suppliers and learning how they grow or source their ingredients. We don't put anything into our products that you wouldn’t find in an Aussie kitchen – no hidden additives or surprises. The hero of our pickles is our Kirby cucumbers. You can’t make a great American-style dill pickle without them. Everything about them is made for pickling; the thickness of their skin, size, taste and even the size of their seeds all play a part in giving you the crunch and taste you expect from a Dillicious pickle.

The Kirby cucumbers we use are from a seed variety called Nova. The plants are grown on two family farms in Queensland. Our cucumbers are grown in Bundaberg during the hot summer and autumn months and when temperatures start to drop, our cucumbers are harvested from the north in Bowen. 



Our Dietitian

We don’t just make tasty pickles, we make healthy ones. Liza continues to work as a lecturer in public health nutrition and sustainable food systems at Monash University. With fifteen years of experience working in Australia’s remote communities and internationally, Liza has worked in clinical hospitals, community health centres and at an awesome not for profit called SecondBite.

Liza isn’t just backed by a diverse career; she is an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian and proud member of the Dietitian’s Association of Australia and Public Health Association of Australia. Liza is determined to make sure our dillicious pickles can be enjoyed guilt-free by our customers all over Australia, while respecting the producers and origins of each and every ingredient.